Instant Download; Test Bank for Biology Concepts and Applications without Physiology 9th Edition By Cecie Starr

Instant Download; Test Bank for Biology Concepts and Applications without Physiology 9th Edition By Cecie Starr
Edition : 9
Genres : Biology, Medical, Science, Hospital
Author : Cecie Starr
Publisher : Cengage Higher Education
ISBN : 9781285427836
Print ISBN : 1285427831
eText ISBN : 9781305156166
File Type : ZIP
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In the new edition of BIOLOGY: CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS, authors Cecie Starr, Christine A. Evers, and Lisa Starr have partnered with the National Geographic Society to develop a text designed to engage and inspire. This trendsetting text introduces the key concepts of biology to non-biology majors using clear explanations and unparalleled visuals. While mastering core concepts, each chapter challenges students to question what they read and apply the concepts learned, providing students with the critical thinking skills and science knowledge they need in life. Renowned for its writing style the new edition is enhanced with exclusive content from the National Geographic Society, including over 200 new photos and illustrations. New People Matter sections in most chapters profile National Geographic Explorers and Grantees who are making significant contributions in their field, showing students how concepts in the chapter are being applied in biological research. Each chapter concludes with an 'Application' section highlighting real-world uses of biology and helping students make connections to chapter content.

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  1. Ch 1: Invitation to Biology
  2. Ch 2: Life’s Chemical Basis
  3. Ch 3: Molecules of Life
  4. Ch 4: Cell Structure
  5. Ch 5: Ground Rules of Metabolism
  6. Ch 6: Where It Starts—Photosynthesis
  7. Ch 7: How Cells Release Chemical Energy
  8. Ch 8: DNA Structure and Function
  9. Ch 9: From DNA to Protein
  10. Ch 10: Control of Gene Expression
  11. Ch 11: How Cells Reproduce
  12. Ch 12: Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction
  13. Ch 13: Observing Patterns in Inherited Traits
  14. Ch 14: Human Inheritance
  15. Ch 15: Biotechnology
  16. Ch 16: Evidence of Evolution
  17. Ch 17: Processes of Evolution
  18. Ch 18: Life’s Origin and Early Evolution
  19. Ch 19: Viruses, Bacteria, and Archaea
  20. Ch 20: The Protists
  21. Ch 21: Plant Evolution
  22. Ch 22: Fungi
  23. Ch 23: Animals I: Major Invertebrate Groups
  24. Ch 24: Animals II: The Chordates
  25. Ch 25 : Animal Behavior
  26. Ch 26: Population Ecology
  27. Ch 27: Community Ecology
  28. Ch 28: Ecosystems
  29. Ch 29: The Biosphere
  30. Ch 30: Human Effects on the Biosphere

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