Instant Download; Test Bank for Chemistry An Atoms First Approach 2nd Edition By Steven Zumdahl, Susan Zumdahl

Instant Download; Test Bank for Chemistry An Atoms First Approach 2nd Edition By Steven Zumdahl, Susan Zumdahl
Edition : 2
Genres : Chemistry, Medicine, Chemical, Science
Author : Steven Zumdahl, Susan Zumdahl
Publisher : Cengage Higher Education
ISBN : 1305079248
Print ISBN : 9781305079243
eText ISBN :
File Type : ZIP
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This product focuses on helping students build critical thinking skills. The authors help students learn to "think like chemists" so they can apply problem solving to all aspects of their lives. This second edition of CHEMISTRY: AN ATOMS FIRST APPROACH uses a meaningful approach that begins with the atom and proceeds through the concept of molecules, structure, and bonding to more complex materials and their properties. Because this approach differs from what most students learned in high school courses, it encourages them to focus on conceptual learning, rather than memorization and a “plug and chug” method of problem solving.

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Review: Measurement and Calculations in Chemistry.
1. Chemical Foundations.
2. Atomic Structure and Periodicity.
3. Bonding: General Concepts.
4. Molecular Structure and Orbitals.
5. Stoichiometry.
6. Types of Chemical Reactions and Solution Stoichiometry.
7. Chemical Energy.
8. Gases.
9. Liquids and Solids.
10. Properties of Solutions.
11. Chemical Kinetics.
12. Chemical Equilibrium.
13. Acids and Bases.
14. Acid-Base Equilibria
15. Solubility and Complex Ion Equilibria.
16. Spontaneity, Entropy, and Free Energy.
17. Electrochemistry.
18. The Nucleus: A Chemist's View.
19. The Representative Elements.
20. Transition Metals and Coordination Chemistry.
21. Organic and Biological Molecules.

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