Instant Download; Test Bank for Dental Hygiene Applications to Clinical Practice, 1st Edition By Rachel Kearney Henry, Maria Perno Goldie

Instant Download; Test Bank for Dental Hygiene Applications to Clinical Practice, 1st Edition By Rachel Kearney Henry, Maria Perno Goldie
Edition : 1
Genres : Health, Medical, Hospital, Fitness, Science
Author : Rachel Kearney Henry, Maria Perno Goldie
Publisher : F. A. Davis
ISBN : 0803625685
Print ISBN : 9780803625686
eText ISBN :
File Type : ZIP
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  • Application to Clinical Practice shows you how to apply what you’re learning to clinical practice.

  • Emerging Technologies highlights new and emerging technologies used in practice.

  • Evidence-Based Practice, discussed in an entire chapter as well as in cases throughout the book, emphasizes the importance of finding, validating, and applying the best available evidence from the literature.

  • Spotlight on Public Health presents information on access-to-care issues and what dental hygienists are doing to improve access to care.

  • Teamwork discusses the interdisciplinary collaboration essential to successful oral health care and opportunities for alliances with other oral health professionals, other health professionals, and the community.

  • Professionalism focuses on the wide range of issues, including ethics, appearance, professional organization involvement, and attitude that comprise professionalism and illustrates how they apply to the career of dental hygiene.

  • Procedures, written in a step-by-step format with rationales, help you understand how and why a step should be performed.

  • Case Studies with Review Questions let students apply chapter content to clinical situations.

  • Active Learning Exercises meet the needs of different learning styles to help students develop their critical-thinking skills.

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