Instant Download; Test Bank for Chemistry The Molecular Nature of Matter 7e Neil Jespersen, James Brady, Alison Hyslop

Instant Download; Test Bank for Chemistry The Molecular Nature of Matter 7e Neil Jespersen, James Brady, Alison Hyslop
Edition : 7
Genres : Chemistry, Medicine, Chemical, Science
Author : Neil Jespersen, James Brady, Alison Hyslop
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 111851646X
Print ISBN : 9781118516461
eText ISBN :
File Type : ZIP
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Jespersen’s Chemistry 7th Edition provides readers with the necessary practice, support, instruction and assessment that is required for learning and teaching the content of a General Chemistry course. This text provides the forum for problem solving and concept mastery of chemical phenomena that leads to proficiency and success.  The Seventh Edition includes revisions to key content coverage areas and concepts and the addition of more Analyzing & Solving Multi-Concept problems and examples throughout the text. An increased emphasis has also been placed on the intimate relationship that exists between structure at the submicroscopic molecular level and the observable macroscopic properties of matter. Jespersen provides readers with a clear, concise and easy to understand General Chemistry resource. 

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0 A Very Brief History of Chemistry 1

1 Scientific Measurements 24

2 Elements, Compounds, and the Periodic Table 63

3 The Mole and Stoichiometry 108

4 Molecular View of Reactions in Aqueous Solutions 155

5 Oxidation–Reduction Reactions 212

6 Energy and Chemical Change 251

7 The Quantum Mechanical Atom 300

8 The Basics of Chemical Bonding 352

9 Theories of Bonding and Structure 403

10 Properties of Gases 465

11 Intermolecular Attractions and the Properties of Liquids and Solids 515

12 Mixtures at the Molecular Level: Properties of Solutions 575

13 Chemical Kinetics 625

14 Chemical Equilibrium 686

15 Acids and Bases, A Molecular Look 731

16 Acid–Base Equilibria in Aqueous Solutions 762

17 Solubility and Simultaneous Equilibria 816

18 Thermodynamics 855

19 Electrochemistry 904

20 Nuclear Reactions and Their Role in Chemistry 962

21 Metal Complexes 1002

22 Organic Compounds, Polymers, and Biochemicals 1033


Appendix A: Review of Mathematics A-1

Appendix B: Answers to Practice Exercises and Selected Review Problems A-5

Appendix C: Tables of Selected Data A-28

Glossary G-1

Index I-1

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