Instant Download; Test Bank for Psychology, 4th Canadian Edition, By Schacter, Daniel, Daniel Gilbert, Matthew Nock

Instant Download; Test Bank for Psychology, 4th Canadian Edition, By Schacter, Daniel, Daniel Gilbert, Matthew Nock
Edition : 4
Genres : Health, Medical, Hospital, Fitness, Science, Psychology
Author : Schacter, Daniel, Daniel Gilbert, Matthew Nock
Publisher : Macmillan/Worth Learning
ISBN : 9781319066888
Print ISBN : 9781319066901
eText ISBN : 9781319066895
File Type : ZIP
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This widely used, enthusiastically received textbook is the work of one of the most accomplished author teams in introductory psychology, each a distinguished educator and researcher, and three of them (Schacter, Gilbert, and Wegner) authors of bestselling books for general readers. Together, they offer an approachable, engagingly written survey of the field’s main ideas, filled with unusual stories, memorable examples, and lots of humor to captivate all kinds of students. And for this version, coauthor Ingrid Johnsrude from the University of Western Ontario again integrates a wealth of research and examples from Canada, giving Canadian students and instructors an introductory psychology textbook that is truly their own.

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1. Psychology: Evolution of a Science
2. Methods in Psychology
3. Neuroscience and Behavior
4. Sensation and Perception
5. Consciousness
6. Memory
7. Learning
8. Emotion and Motivation
9. Language and Thought
10. Intelligence
11. Development
12. Personality
13. Social Psychology
14. Stress and Health
15. Psychological Disorders
16. Treatment of Psychological Disorders

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