Instant Download; Test Bank for Psychology, 12th Edition By David Myers, Nathan DeWall

Instant Download; Test Bank for Psychology, 12th Edition By David Myers, Nathan DeWall
Edition : 12
Genres : Health, Medical, Hospital, Fitness, Science, Psychology
Author : David Myers, Nathan DeWall
Publisher : Macmillan/Worth Learning
ISBN : 9781319050627
Print ISBN : 9781319067953
eText ISBN : 9781319067977
File Type : ZIP
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With every carefully revised, meticulously updated edition, Psychology by David Myers and Nathan DeWall continues to be the best-selling introductory psychology text/media resource. And students don't just use it—they love it. How do we know?  They tell us.

Students contact the authors regularly to give them feedback and to thank them.  This engagement in the text—and positive feedback from students—extends to the integrated media resources in LaunchPad.  The innovations around the text and media rest on the same foundations that have always distinguished each Myers/DeWall revision—exhaustive updating, captivating writing, and the merging of rigorous science with a broad human perspective that engages both the mind and the heart.

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Prologue The Story of Psychology

Chapter 1 Thinking Critically With Psychological Science

Chapter 2 The Biology of Mind

Chapter 3 Consciousness and the Two-Track Mind

Chapter 4 Nature, Nurture, and Human Diversity

Chapter 5 Developing Through the Life Span

Chapter 6 Sensation and Perception

Chapter 7 Learning

Chapter 8 Memory

Chapter 9 Thinking and Language

Chapter 10 Intelligence

Chapter 11 What Drives Us: Hunger, Sex, Friendship, and Achievement

Chapter 12 Emotions, Stress, and Health

Chapter 13 Social Psychology

Chapter 14 Personality

Chapter 15 Psychological Disorders

Chapter 16 Therapy

Appendix A Psychology at Work

Appendix B Career Fields in Psychology, by Jennifer Zwolinski

Appendix C Complete Chapter Reviews

Appendix D Answers to Master the Material Questions

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