[PDF] [eBook] Bond Markets,Analysis,and Strategies, 9th Edition By FRANK J. FABOZZI

[PDF] [eBook] Bond Markets,Analysis,and Strategies, 9th Edition By FRANK J. FABOZZI
Edition : 9
Genres : Business, Decision Making, Organization, Financial Market, Financial Management
Publisher : Pearson Higher Education
ISBN : 9780133796773
Print ISBN : 0133796779
eText ISBN :
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ISBN-13: 978-0133796773
ISBN-10: 0133796779

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1. Introduction
2. Pricing of Bonds
3. Measuring Yield
4. Bond Price Volatility
5. Factors Affecting Bond Yields and the Term Structure of Interest Rates
6. Treasury and Federal Agency Securities
7. Corporate Debt Instruments
8. Municipal Securities
9. International Bonds
10. Residential Mortgage Loans
11. Agency Mortgage Pass-Through Securities
12. Agency Collateralized Mortgage Obligations and Stripped Mortgage-Backed Securities
13. Nonagency Residential
14. Commercial Mortgage Loans and Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities
15. Asset-Backed Securities
16. Pooled Investment Vehicles for Fixed Income Investors
17. Interest-Rate Models
18. Analysis of Bonds with Embedded Options
19. Analysis of Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities
20. Analysis of Convertible Bonds
21. Measuring Credit Spreads
22. Corporate Bond Credit Analysis
23. Credit Risk Modeling
24. Bond Portfolio Management Strategies
25. Bond Portfolio Construction
26. Corporate Bond Portfolio Management
27. Liability-Driven Strategies
28. Bond Performance Measurement and Evaluation
29. Interest Rate Futures
30. Interest-Rate Options
31. Interest-Rate Swaps, Caps, and Floors
32. Credit Default Swaps

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