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***Silva Intuition System*** 

By Laura Silva 

***This is a digital download*** 

Achieve a life enriched by reliable & consistent intuitive guidance with The Silva Method’s Theta Level Mental Programming Technology by Laura Silva. 

* You will learn powerful mind control techniques that enable you to make better decisions, enhance your learning capabilities and deal with stress effectively through Total Intuitive Living. 

* It features 11 Digital Audio Sessions of modules containing techniques and tracks that will help you reach the Theta level of mind to unleash your extrasensory perception (ESP). 

* This course will awaken and transform anyone who desires to tap into the power of their intuition and reignite their natural psychic abilities. 

Discover your intuitive force and be the true master of your own mind! 

Silva Intuition System teaches you to remove the resistance to intuition that has built up within you and aligns your conscious mind with your spiritual purpose. 

* Master the Art of Dynamic Meditation by learning how to put yourself into a deep level of meditation within 60 seconds flat. 

* Understand & Control Your Mind by using powerful Silva techniques to gain guidance and insight on what actions need to be taken to correct any problem you are facing. 

* Learn How To Apply Distant Healing To Yourself And Others through scientifically-proven mental visualization methods to speed up recovery from illness, relieve pain and injury, obtain radiant health, and help prevent illness and disease. 

* Take Creative Visualization to a new level by commanding the power of thought to influence reality. 



This is what you will receive : 

1). The complete Audio program (Sessions) on 11 CDs in MP3 digital. 

2). Bonus CD in MP3. 

3). 1 Caseworking Student Manual (in PDF) to help you with your casework and excel at case working. 

4). 1 Video Caseworking demonstration with Laura & Isabel Silva 

5). Silva Intuition System Workbook (PDF). 

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