Instant Download; Test Bank for Chemistry in Focus A Molecular View of Our World, 7th Edition By Nivaldo Tro

Instant Download; Test Bank for Chemistry in Focus A Molecular View of Our World, 7th Edition By Nivaldo Tro
Edition : 7
Genres : chemistry, Social Science, Atomic Science, Mechanical Science
Author : Nivaldo Tro
Publisher : Cengage Higher Education
ISBN : 9781337399692
Print ISBN : 9781337399692
eText ISBN :
File Type : ZIP
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This updated and enhanced Seventh Edition of CHEMISTRY IN FOCUS helps students develop an appreciation for the molecular world that underlies the world we can see. From the first page to the last, Professor Tro emphasizes the connection between the atoms and molecules that compose matter and the properties of that matter. Students learn to see the world through the lens of chemistry and to find excitement and awe in the myriad of chemical processes occurring all around them all the time. This easy-to-understand text also helps students understand the major scientific, technological and environmental issues affecting our society. Innovative study aids such as Self-Check Questions, OWLv2 Adaptive Study Plans and new online “Big Picture” videos featuring the author help students maximize their success in the course.

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  1. About the Author
  2. Brief Contents
  3. Contents
  4. Preface
  5. Chapter 1: Molecular Reasons
  6. Chapter 2: The Chemist's Toolbox
  7. Chapter 3: Atoms and Elements
  8. Chapter 4: Molecules, Compounds, and Chemical Reactions
  9. Chapter 5: Chemical Bonding
  10. Chapter 6: Organic Chemistry
  11. Chapter 7: Light and Color
  12. Chapter 8: Nuclear Chemistry
  13. Chapter 9: Energy for Today
  14. Chapter 10: Energy for Tomorrow: Solar and Other Renewable Energy Sources
  15. Chapter 11: The Air around Us
  16. Chapter 12: The Liquids and Solids around Us: Especially Water
  17. Chapter 13: Acids and Bases: The Molecules Responsible for Sour and Bitter
  18. Chapter 14: Oxidation and Reduction
  19. Chapter 15: The Chemistry of Household Products
  20. Chapter 16: Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  21. Chapter 17: Drugs and Medicine: Healing, Helping, and Hurting

  22. Appendix 1: Significant Figures
  23. Appendix 2: Answers to Selected Exercises
  24. Appendix 3: Answers to Your Turn Questions
  25. Glossary
  26. Index

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