Instant Download; Test Bank for Chemistry, The Molecular Science, 5th Edition By John Moore, Conrad Stanitski

Instant Download; Test Bank for Chemistry, The Molecular Science, 5th Edition By  John  Moore, Conrad  Stanitski
Edition : 5
Genres : chemistry, Social Science, Atomic Science, Mechanical Science
Author : John Moore, Conrad Stanitski
Publisher : Cengage Higher Education
ISBN : 1285199049
Print ISBN : 9781285199047
eText ISBN :
File Type : ZIP
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Authors Moore and Stanitski, both winners of the ACS Pimentel Award in Chemical Education, infuse CHEMISTRY: THE MOLECULAR SCIENCE, Fifth Edition, with timely everyday applications that reveal chemistry as a lively and relevant subject that is fundamental to a broad range of disciplines such as engineering, biology, and environmental science. A revised, annotated art program emphasizes the three concept levels in a pedagogically sound approach to understanding molecules, concepts, and mathematical equations. Many of the book’s end-of-chapter questions are accompanied by interactive, assignable, online lessons in OWL—the #1 online learning system for chemistry. Engage your students in active study of chemistry with this text.

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  1. Ch 1: The Nature of Chemistry
  2. Ch 2: Chemical Compounds
  3. Ch 3: Chemical Reactions
  4. Ch 4: Energy and Chemical Reactions
  5. Ch 5: Electron Configurations and the Periodic Table
  6. Ch 6: Covalent Bonding
  7. Ch 7: Molecular Structures
  8. Ch 8: Properties of Gases
  9. Ch 9: Liquids, Solids, and Materials
  10. Ch 10: Fuels, Organic Chemicals, and Polymers
  11. Ch 11: Chemical Kinetics: Rates of Reactions
  12. Ch 12: Chemical Equilibrium
  13. Ch 13: The Chemistry of Solutes and Solutions
  14. Ch 14: Acids and Bases
  15. Ch 15: Additional Aqueous Equilibria
  16. Ch 16: Thermodynamics: Directionality of Chemical Reactions
  17. Ch 17: Electrochemistry and Its Applications
  18. Ch 18: Nuclear Chemistry
  19. Ch 19: The Chemistry of the Main-Group Elements
  20. Ch 20: Chemistry of Selected Transition Elements and Coordination Compounds
  21. Appendix A: Problem Solving and Mathematical Operations
  22. Appendix B: Units, Equivalences, and Conversion Factors
  23. Appendix C: Physical Constants and Sources of Data
  24. Appendix D: Ground-State Electron Configurations of Atoms
  25. Appendix E: Naming Simple Organic Compounds
  26. Appendix F: Balancing Oxidation-Reduction Reactions
  27. Appendix G: Ionization Constants for Weak Acids and Weak Bases at 25 Degree C
  28. Appendix H: Solubility Product Constants for Some Inorganic Compounds at 25 Degree C
  29. Appendix I: Standard Electrode Potentials in Aqueous Solution at 25 Degree C
  30. Appendix J: Selected Thermodynamic Values at 298.15 K
  31. Appendix K: Answers to Problem-Solving Practice Problems
  32. Appendix L: Answers to Exercises
  33. Appendix M: Answers to Selected Questions for Review and Thought
  34. Glossary
  35. Index

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