Instant Download; Test Bank for Introductory Chemistry, 6th Edition By Nivaldo J. Tro

Instant Download; Test Bank for Introductory Chemistry, 6th Edition By Nivaldo J. Tro
Edition : 6
Genres : Chemistry, Medicine, Chemical, Science
Author : Nivaldo J. Tro
Publisher : Pearson Higher Education
ISBN : 9780134302386
Print ISBN : 9780134302386
eText ISBN :
File Type : ZIP
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The best-selling Introductory Chemistry text continues to encourage student interest by showing how chemistry manifests in students’ daily lives. Author Nivaldo Tro draws upon his classroom experience as an award-winning instructor to extend chemistry from the laboratory to the student’s world, capturing student attention with relevant applications and an engaging writing style. The text provides a superior teaching and learning experience, enabling deep conceptual understanding, fostering the development of problem-solving skills, and encouraging interest in chemistry with concrete examples. Extending chemistry from the lab to the student’s world, the text reveals that anyone can master chemistry.

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1 The Chemical World

2 Measurement and Problem Solving

3 Matter and Energy

4 Atoms and Elements

5 Molecules and Compounds

6 Chemical Composition

7 Chemical Reactions

8 Quantities in Chemical Reactions

9 Electrons in Atoms and the Periodic Table

10 Chemical Bonding

11 Gases

12 Liquids, Solids, and Intermolecular Forces

13 Solutions

14 Acids and Bases

15 Chemical Equilibrium

16 Oxidation and Reduction

17 Radioactivity and Nuclear Chemistry

18 Organic Chemistry

19 Biochemistry

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