Instant Download; Test Bank for Cell and Molecular Biology Concepts and Experiments 7th Edition By Gerald Karp

Instant Download; Test Bank for Cell and Molecular Biology Concepts and Experiments 7th Edition By Gerald Karp
Edition : 7
Genres : Biology, Medical, Science, Hospital
Author : Gerald Karp
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 111830179X
Print ISBN : 9781118301791
eText ISBN :
File Type : ZIP
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The Seventh Edition of Cell and Molecular Biology: Concepts and Experiments, connects experimental material to key concepts of Cell Biology. The text offers streamlined information that reinforces a connection of key concepts to experimentation. Through the use of paired art and new science illustrations; readers benefit from a visual representation of experimental connections. Animations and video clips are tied to key illustrations with practice questions to provide a variety of ways to experience a key concept. The new 7th edition offers an appropriate balance of concepts and experimentation. Experimental detail is offered when it helps to reinforce the concept being explained.

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1 Introduction to the Study of Cell and Molecular Biology 1

2 The Chemical Basis of Life 32

3 Bioenergetics,Enzymes, and Metabolism 86

4 The Structure and Function of the Plasma Membrane 120

5 Aerobic Respiration and the Mitochondrion 178

6 Photosynthesis and the Chloroplast 211

7 Interactions Between Cells and Their Environment 235

8 Cytoplasmic Membrane Systems: Structure, Function, and Membrane Trafficking 270

9 The Cytoskeleton and Cell Motility 324

10 The Nature of the Gene and the Genome 386

11 Gene Expression: From Transcription to Translation 426

12 Control of Gene Expression 483

13 DNA Replication and Repair 545

14 Cellular Reproduction 572

15 Cell Signaling and Signal Transduction: Communication Between Cells 617

16 Cancer 664

17 The Immune Response 699

18 Techniques in Cell and Molecular Biology 732

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